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Consolidation of credit and mortgage

Specialist in credit consolidation and mortgage lending

Specialist in credit consolidation and mortgage lending

With 143 years of experience, Nice Bank offers loan consolidation services and more specifically mortgage loan redemption. Offered exclusively in France, Nice Bank’s offer is aimed at supporting consumption and supporting households in difficulty.

Pioneer in mortgage, Nice Bank is one of the very first credit institutions to offer households an unconventional use of mortgage loans. Beyond the traditional mortgage loan to acquire property, Nice Bank sees it as a real financing solution in the event of debt. With Nice Bank, it is thus possible to group debts linked to a mortgage, consumer credit, revolving loan or personal debts.

The repurchase of credit with Nice Bank

The repurchase of credit with Nice Bank

The mortgage buyback of loans from Nice Bank is mainly intended for owners and first-time buyers who encounter budgetary difficulties, whatever their social and professional category. The repurchase of mortgage credit is thus accessible to the employees, but also to the liberal professions, the craftsmen, the merchants, the pensioners, etc. It is a loan, the guarantee of which is a conventional real estate mortgage. Concretely, in return for the loan granted, Nice Bank guarantees itself against the risks of non-payment: in the event of non-repayment, the mortgage will allow the lending establishment to seize the property concerned in order to repay the sums due.

This solution allows subscribers to redeem their real estate loans, their consumer loans, their revolving loans as well as their personal debts: fiscal, family, bank overdrafts, contentious debts. All of these loans are grouped into a single new financing: the repurchase of mortgage credit.

Nice Bank’s mortgage loan

As part of a mortgage loan repurchase, Nice Bank is offering a new loan to the borrower which includes taking a mortgage guarantee on its property. This guarantee can be registered on a main residence, a secondary residence, rental housing, an office, a building, commercial premises, etc. The mortgaged property is not necessarily directly concerned by the repurchase of credits.

A mortgage loan is always a notarial loan: the notary gives a sum when the deed is signed directly to the borrowers. At the same time, Nice Bank is repaying the remaining capital due from the loans bought back. The subscription to a credit repurchase, mortgage or not, with Nice Bank, does not oblige you in any case to change bank.

Good to know: Nice Bank notably markets a mortgage loan offer over 35 years with mortgage guarantee. This significantly extended period compared to traditional financial institutions (in general the duration of a loan buy-back is limited to 20, 25 or 30 years at most) is a significant competitive advantage for the brand. Borrowers who are highly indebted or whose income has sharply declined can thus restore their financial situation and avoid over-indebtedness.

How to make a credit buyback simulation with Nice Bank?

How to make a credit buyback simulation with Nice Bank?

The simulation of your credit buy-back is an essential step before any subscription. Indeed, a loan consolidation is not taken lightly: if you make a mistake, you risk finding yourself facing even greater budgetary difficulties and exposing yourself to over-indebtedness. With some creditors, you can simulate your loan online directly on their website. The Nice Bank does not allow you to estimate the project cost for free. But it is an estimate that you will necessarily make with your broker.

Nice Bank’s credit repurchase rates

Nice Bank

You cannot find out the credit repayment rates charged by Nice Bank before having met a broker who is a partner of the creditor. It is only when you estimate with him for the first time your credit repurchase that you can become aware of the repayment rate (s) that may be applied to your file. However, other creditors allow you to do this simulation for free, online, independently, or by phone. How are credit redemption rates determined? They vary according to your situation: mainly your solvency and the realism of your project. This means that the more risk the credit institution takes to finance your project, the higher the repayment rates it will offer you.


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