5 WWE Superstars Who Could Create The Real-Life Firefly Fun House


Bray Wyatt could make his return to WWE, given the recent QR Code teases from RAW and SmackDown. It’s unclear what “White Rabbit” will reveal at the end of the run, but there are plenty of fan theories floating around, including a possible actual Firefly Fun House.

When Wyatt was part of the company in his first term, he used puppets inside his Fun House, but now he may have escaped and all of his characters have come to life.

The following list of current WWE Superstars could easily represent the characters that were made famous inside The Fun House.

#5. Fun House Doll – Alexa Bliss

@WrestlingDaze My theory for the new Funhouse character revolves around the doll/puppet that @WWEBrayWyatt introduced during his rivalry against Miz. This doll and Alexa Bliss look a lot alike, don’t they? They have a bit of the same hairstyle… https://t.co/Zl74xPQJed

Alexa Bliss was part of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House throughout its run, but has since returned to her former character on Monday Night RAW. While Bliss is currently pushing herself as a face, there was a tease this week on the show where the lights went out during her match against Bayley.

It’s unclear what this tease means at this time, but it could hint that Bliss is related to Wyatt despite putting her past behind her. Wyatt had a doll in the Fun House that looked like Alexa Bliss after her feud with The Miz. Bliss could have now adopted the real-life version of the doll rather than reverting to her much darker persona, who was under the spell of the former champion.

#4. Mercy The Buzzard – WWE Returnee Dexter Lumis

Something is wrong with Dexter Lumis, and while his character isn’t related to Bray Wyatt at all, he’s too scary to overlook. His obsession with The Miz could be linked to the memorable feud Wyatt had with The A-Lister. This could be a clue that he is also one of the stars who was born out of The Fun House.

Dexter Lumis was not on the main roster when Bray Wyatt was signed to WWE in his first run. However, his character could be tied to the former champion, and given the lack of explanation for his actions, he could be under his control.

Mercy The Buzzard was a puppet of very few words, much like Lumis. But, he was one of Wyatt’s weirder additions to The Fun House, who was apparently feared by the other puppets.

#3. Ramblin Rabbit – WWE Returnee Karrion Kross

Firefly Funhouse’s rabbit was called Ramblin Rabbit. We all know that if Karrion loves one thing, it’s going for walks. https://t.co/J8Yu3cvvWy

Karrion Kross has suffered many setbacks in his career and was humiliated months ago by the company when they changed his presentation before unceremoniously releasing him. Ramblin Rabbit was a character similar to Kross, who was often the butt of Wyatt’s jokes and punishment.

While many fans have noted that Ramblin Rabbit and Kross like to talk, there could be much deeper similarities. Moreover, his recent return to the company could be part of a much larger storyline.

#2. Abby The Witch – Scarlett Returning to WWE

Scarlett dropped the biggest clue about her character last night on SmackDown when she was able to throw a fireball at Drew McIntyre. Her actions were almost reminiscent of Alexa Bliss as the latter was under Bray Wyatt’s control.

Scarlett protected Kross in the same way; the witch would watch over the other puppets in Fun House. But given the close bond between Scarlett and Kross, it’s a much more intimate relationship. Scarlett hasn’t featured much since returning to the company, but revealing the fact that she can use magic might be one of the biggest teases that she’s Abby The Witch.

#1. Fun House Bray Wyatt – Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt himself

My favorite rumor going around is that Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House has come to life. https://t.co/vANSMpkHZ5

Of course, the Fun House wouldn’t be complete without Wyatt himself, who left the Firefly Fun House multiple times as Fun House Bray. The star even struggled under the moniker, but was often seen as much weaker when approached by The Fiend.

The Fiend wasn’t mentioned as part of the build, meaning those characters could have been freed since he’s no longer in power. The five stars could have been trapped in the Fun House as puppets and are in their true form again.

The Fun House once had the tagline “Let Me In”, but now it appears to be “Come With Me”, which could imply that the characters are no longer trapped.

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