A cool game about managing a greenhouse, but you are a bunny

Bunhouse has a single hook. Do you like plants ? Do you like to grow and sell plants? Well, how about doing all of that while being a bunny?

The adorable cooperative play on the couch just launched on Steam today, offering everyone another way to digitally relax after the last 2 years of everything.

It is the creation of a single developer, RekyStudios, and it’s basically as low-key as it gets. See the plant in the greenhouse, the aquatic plant, the forage plant, the potting plant, possibly sell the plant, replace the soil with the plant, get a new plant, repeat the plant cycle again.

Also: go fishing and do yoga poses. Why is rabbit yoga a thing? We do not care. It’s good for you, and the idea of ​​cooperative yoga seems like something video games should definitely explore more.

The game was funded through Kickstarter only in May. As far as I know for now, this is only on PC, and unfortunately co-op is only available on the same local machine, which is a shame if your PC is not well suited for this type of environment.

Still, I love the fact that there is a continuous strengthening in the scale of the gaming market and that projects like this can cross the line. I can not imagine Bunhouse it will be fine Valley of stars-type numbers or even reached the hundreds of thousands sold. But there is something gratifying about the thought that someone said to themselves, “I would like a game where rabbits do yoga and water plants and relax and go fishing”, and enough of it. Internet said, “Yes, please, we would love that very much. . “

Sometimes the world is a good place. Like wherever rabbits are Bunhouse live.

You can find more via the official Steam listing.

Thanks to James for bringing this up in my social feed.

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