Are you a bug or a nerf? A game with appex captions blew up because it turned out to be a glitch?

Since this hasn’t been a good topic lately, tap strafing was once one of the biggest problems in the Apex Legends community.

Motion technology was apparently going to be removed from the game several seasons ago after much disagreement between players and developers, but it only finally made it to the game today. It’s kind of a thing.

Several players, like NRGs Chris sweetdreams Sexton, have found that after tap strafing seemed to be gone from the game, their ability to remove motion tech would come back or come back somewhere. Many other players said they couldn’t turn 90 degrees with the strafing, and instead of 180 degrees with a hairpin switch, players were able to perform this technique.

Either way, players still have issues with tap strafing, and they’re not happy about it.

First Bunny hopping Then Punch BoostingNow Press StrafingTime to play some ranked in Valorant with E-couples.

zolke (@czacke’youTube) August 15, 2022.


Boomrazzle (@Boomrazzle) August 15, 2022

Neither Respawn nor the Apex devs have said a change will be coming to the game. In fact, the seemingly random nature of this change appears to be the same as a bug. No developer would intentionally change a movement mechanic to work randomly for players in certain games, but other players don’t want access to it at all.

The Balance Team frequently mentioned the inaccessibility of tap strafing (it can only be accomplished with third-party Steam software), as well as the difficulty for players to understand what was happening in a fight when tap strafing was combined with movement, making the technique unfair to them.

At this point, it’s unclear if the faucets have been taken apart or if they will come back completely. I was waiting to find that someone from Respawn should take care of it.

Update August 15, 03:18 CT: Respawn has officially fixed the faucet strafing issue, and he seems to confirm that the change wasn’t deliberate, saying it’s probably a good idea to fix that. .

After today we saw your reports of tap strafe issues in @PlayApex. We review them. Thank you for your patience while we try to sort this one out.

Reappearance (Respawn) on August 15, 2022.

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