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Safety precautions for rabbits

Rabbits are relatively fragile animals, and even toys and experiments that seem harmless can cause serious health problems or even death. Just because a rabbit is interested in chewing a corner of the rug or jumping around the garden doesn’t mean it’s good for it. “These guys are so domesticated that they can’t tell what’s safe and what isn’t,” Berman said.

Domestic rabbits are bred to live indoors, so they are very sensitive to temperature extremes. “They do best between 50 and 75 degrees, so they really need to live in a climate-controlled area,” Ratches said. In fact, not only can the outdoors be too hot or too cold for a rabbit to be comfortable with, it also presents other dangers.

The highly contagious rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) was first found in wild rabbits in the southwestern United States in 2020. During this outbreak, authorities reported that about 90% rabbits exposed to the virus died within three to five days of onset of symptoms. Because RHDV is easily spread and domestic rabbits are just as susceptible to it as wild rabbits, rabbits should not be taken outside to play or to walk on a leash and with a harness in areas where it is. present, said Berman.

In coastal areas of Oregon, California and Baja Mexico, rabbits are also vulnerable to myxomatosis, a virus spread by wild rabbits, mosquitoes and fleas that attacks the skin, eyes, lungs, liver and genitals and often results in death.

Predators, including neighborhood dogs and cats, are also a serious danger to rabbits when they are outdoors.

Indoors, the biggest threat to a rabbit’s health is the possibility that they will chew and swallow something they cannot digest. Because rabbits cannot vomit, if they swallow something indigestible it can block their intestines, causing severe pain and death if not removed surgically. Rabbits should never be given soft plastic, polyester, or fabric toys and should be prevented from accessing hazardous household items such as rugs and electrical cords.

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