Board game success for former gaming cafe owner


The former owner of a board game cafe in Sharnbrook is celebrating the release of the first game he designed.

Darrell Cannon created Ready Steady Roll in 2015, bringing the joy of board games to families and friends and sharing his infectious love of Dobble with the world.

In addition to being passionate about gaming and game sharing, Darrell has been designing games for several years.

And the first fruits of his labor came out this summer, as “Shoot for the Stars” was released in August.

The game, published by Big Potato Games, is now available at all good toy stores, John Lewis, Amazon and, of course, Ready Steady Roll.

“I was going to post it myself,” Darrell said. “But I decided to show it off at a game expo, where Big Potato Games saw it and signed it.

“They’re the team behind games like Color Brain, Chameleon, and Link-ee, so I knew the game was in good hands.”

Priced at £20, Shoot for the Stars has already received rave reviews from board game connoisseurs, with what a board game describing it as “an absolute blast” and rating it 8/10.

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The game consists of answering questions based on numbers, with the aim of guessing the closest answer. For example, ‘How many articles are there currently on Wikipedia?’ or ‘most mouse clicks in one second?’. Besides being a lot of fun, you also learn facts along the way and some of the answers are likely to spark a heated debate.

Since selling Ready Steady Roll to its new owners, Darrell has joined CluedUpp Games, based at Wrest Park in Silsoe. CluedUpp is creating immersive outdoor experiences in over 1,200 locations around the world, with their next event in Bedford on Saturday, October 22.

The Alice in Wonderland-themed escape room experience takes place on the streets of Bedford, as competing teams follow Alice down the rabbit hole and into a virtual world of adventures, of intrigues and impossible things. You can add your team for fun here.

Darrell says he enjoys having his weekends to spend with his family and also enjoys making games and coding for CluedUpp while developing his own board games in his spare time.

“Overall feedback on Shoot for the Stars has been very positive,” Darrell said. “It’s so exciting to see it in stores. I already have a few ideas for other games in mind, so watch this space.

You can pick up a copy of Shoot for the Stars on Amazon heredirectly from Big Potato Games here and also in person at Stable bearing ready at Sharnbrook.


You can win a copy of Shoot for the Stars by simply answering this question:

How many bones are there in the human hand?

Email your response to [email protected] by midnight on Thursday 29 September. A winner will be drawn. Terms and conditions can be found here.

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