Bucks County, Pennsylvania Gaming Commission Observes Rare Medical Event in Local Rabbits



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The medical situation is forcing state officials to monitor the local rabbit population.

Due to a recent development in animal research, Bucks County and state officials are on alert for a developing medical situation. Greg Vellner wrote on the news for The journalist.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission, along with several Bucks County officials, have established research initiatives to monitor rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) in the local rabbit population. The disease kills the region’s native hares and rabbits, a concern for hunters and the local ecosystem.

“All Pennsylvanians are urged to help monitor RHDV2, by reporting any hare/rabbit mortality event – ​​defined as the discovery of two or more dead hares/rabbits at the same location and at the same time with an unknown cause of death” said Travis Lau, a press secretary for the state Gambling Commission.

hunters will have a special place in research, as they are in constant interaction with animals during the hunting season.

Learn more about the disease at The journalist.

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