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Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game in which players can do a lot of things and farming is one of them. Farming is one of the first things in the game and it is relatively similar to other simulation games.

In this guide, we will tell you how to farm in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


You will be able to start farming after completing the quest titled “The Royal Tools” of Merlin. The Royal Tools quest will provide you with all the necessary tools for the game. You will need a shovel and a watering can to start farming. In other simulation games you might want to get the farmland, but in this game it’s relatively easy. You can start growing in the garden outside your home.

You will need to clear the night thorns from the garden and once they are cleared you can start farming. Press the tab and equip the shovel, you will see the highlighted spot on the garden where your character will dig it all up for the seed. Press the action button to dig the hole and after that you will have the option to plant the seed if you look towards the dig point. Press the interact button to plant the seed, then you will need to water the seed. Press the tab and equip the watering can, then press the action button on the spot to water the seed.

Once the seed is watered, the crop will grow after some time. If you don’t water the seed, the crop won’t grow, so make sure your crop isn’t sprinkled. If the crop is dusted or needs to be watered, you can check it from your map. A red crop will start to appear on your map and then you can water it to clear the red sign on the map.

You can get crop seeds from Goofy’s stalls in different areas of the maps. You will need to purchase the Goofy Seeds to grow the crops on your farm. You can also find fruit trees and berry bushes in different areas of the map. Fruit trees and berry bushes are very limited, so you can only get them a few times from different areas of the map. However, the technique for planting trees and bushes is the same. You will need to dig the hole, then plant the seed, then water it and wait for it to grow fully, then you can harvest it.

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