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The second season of Covenant follows the story of a woman called Christine Rees (played by Rakie Ayola) whose life is turned upside down when a man who looks like her late son comes into her life with a shocking revelation. The series is set on the scenic Welsh coast and series writer Peter McTighe has told how he and the team behind the BBC series discovered the “house of secrets” where the Rees family reside.

The latest series, which features a new cast and storyline for the first outing, features entirely different settings in Wales.

The only returning cast member is Rakie Ayola who plays lead character Christine Rees in the series.

Writer Peter McTighe said one of the reasons he chose her as a new character was that she was Welsh and was “able to bring the authenticity to the story that we needed. “.

The series returned to BBC One last Monday, leaving viewers as intrigued by the filming locations as it is by the unsettling plot.

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Peter has opened up to Express.co.uk and other media to find the “perfect” location for Christine and her family’s odd home.

He explained: “I just felt that with the first series we looked at very specific areas and we had this dense forest and this incredible countryside and I really wanted a big contrast to that so that the second series could be autonomous.

“So we got settled on the coast very quickly and had this brilliant location on the Welsh coast, so I took advantage of that and it gives the show a very different feel.”

The show was filmed at Rest Bay in Porthcawl, Penarth Pier, Llantwit Major and Southern Down.

He added: “This house is like a private refuge, this atmospheric, mysterious and slightly claustrophobic sanctuary.

“It’s almost like something out of a ghost story, which is appropriate because the family is sort of haunted by what happened to one of their own.”

Director Nicole Volavka said Christine’s house was “really hard to find” but felt the one they settled with was “perfect”.

She added, “It took us several weeks because it had to be big enough to accommodate a film crew and also feel like a family home.”

“I think at the center is a grieving mother and a grieving family, so I wanted to take that a step further,” Nicole explained.

“I didn’t want to be afraid of being bold enough and going darker with it.

“For the color scheme, we used dual tones, greens, teals and reds, and faded them so there was something quite gothic and rundown about the house.”

The Pact continues on Mondays on BBC One at 9pm and the box set is available on BBC iPlayer.

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