It’s worth it | ‘Nightingale’ Reveals More Game Details, Early Access Set for Q4

Nightingale is a first-person open-world survival crafting, PVE game, played solo or cooperatively with friends. Explore alone or band together with other survivors, obtain valuable materials to build settlements and craft vital tools and weapons while battling deadly monstrosities and the Fae, humanity’s magical rivals.

Thrown into a maze of perilous fantasy worlds in the wake of a magical cataclysm, players must venture through mystical portals to explore increasingly dangerous realms, in search of humanity’s last refuge, Nightingale.

You are stuck beyond our world, cut off by the collapsing network of arcane portals. This disaster has forced you to fight for survival in a maze of beautiful and dangerous fairy kingdoms.

Your goal: to become a skilled Realmwalker and navigate the web of transdimensional portals. Only then will you discover your way to the magical town of Nightingale, the last known stronghold of mankind.

Developed by a team of industry veterans from many top game studios including BioWare, Nightingale will be coming to PC Early Access PC in Q4 2022 and will remain so for approximately 9-12 months.

Early Access will include the following content (subject to change):

  • Season 1 content fully available
  • A multitude of realms to explore across several different types of biomes, including forest and desert
  • A wide variety of creature types to hunt – from the smallest rabbit to towering Apex creatures
  • Full construction and crafting tools, plus property management
  • Progression system covering all aspects of gameplay
  • Solo and online cooperative play

Nightingale will evolve and expand significantly throughout Early Access, including the addition of more story content, new realms to explore, as well as the introduction of the legendary city of Nightingale itself .

Main characteristics:

  • Survive the Kingdoms: Prepare to blast your way through Faewild forests, harrowing swamps, shimmering deserts and shady jungles as you unlock portals leading deeper into Fae lands. Cook meals, build shelter, and gather the spirit needed to persevere in the face of adversity.
  • Gather and tinker: Craft tools to harvest trees, ore, and plants, as well as rarer resources found deep within the realms. Discover new schematics and assemble the equipment and weapons you need to survive. By using specialized ingredients and arcane technologies, you can enhance your gear with magical properties.
  • Build and manage: Design and build an impressive estate from a variety of styles and tile sets. Upgrade and customize your structures and form communities to live safely off the land. You can even recruit NPC workers to help you expand your farm, automate production, and help with resource gathering.
  • Explore and discover: Freely roam vast realms, where stunning visuals transport you to a mystical world of Gaslamp Fantasy. Find abandoned remnants of past Realmwalker expeditions, investigate mysterious Fae architecture, and locate abandoned ruins. Through each new portal, beauty and danger await you in equal measure.
  • Co-op or Solo: Adventure solo or play cooperatively with your friends in an online shared world. Combine your strengths, skills and resources to survive and thrive together. Work together to build communal estates, unite to uncover the mysteries of the realms, and unite to overcome the challenges of the Fae.
  • Deadly Encounters: Craft and use a variety of melee weapons and firearms in first person combat. Face the fearsome creatures that lurk within the network of portals. Fend off incursions of twisted fae mimics of humanity known only as the Bound. Join other players against colossal creatures at the top in the depths of the realms.

Nightingale is in development for PC, coming in 2023.

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