Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure special event brings the Wild West to the game as White Rabbit dresses up as a cowboy


Hi! Gaming Laboratory has just announced a special event in their mobile puzzle Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure. We’re past the Halloween celebrations and it’s time to turn to cowboys, with a bunny sporting the classic hat.

That’s right, the famous White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland appears in the first chapter of the book wearing a vest. It is he whom Alice follows down the rabbit hole as she ventures into Wonderland. But it seems the White Rabbit was looking for a new drip, which he finally found in Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure.

The game’s special event will feature the White Rabbit dressed in a cowboy outfit as players embark on a journey through the Wild West with little Ally and the bunny. This gives players a nice break from the main storyline of Mergeland, allowing them to participate in this wacky event.

Starting tomorrow, November 9, everyone will be able to start this new event by visiting the Mystic Isle in-game Event Stage. From there, players can travel to the fresh new world of the Wild West, where a lot of fun awaits them.

But the White Rabbit won’t magically put his paws on a new cowboy costume. This is where you come in. Players must help the bunny prepare for this expedition by finding him all these cool items. Her costume set includes a cowboy hat and costume, and a cute pair of boots with those spurs on their heels.

On this journey, the White Rabbit will encounter a ton of surprises, including an encounter with a cactus cowboy in the desert sand. Remember, this is a special event, so it won’t be live for long. Players have until November 11 to complete the cowboy set and get their hands on all the other rewards.

Go down the rabbit hole yourself by downloading Mergeland – Alice’s Adventure for free at google play.

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Raymond I. Langston