Michael Blackson to debut at the House of Laffs in Wilmington


Northern Delaware will receive a Christmas present early this season with a performance by star comedian Michael Blackson at the House of Laffs comedy show in Wilmington on Thanksgiving weekend.

The new show was announced Monday on the House of Laffs Facebook page. A date and time will be announced later.

In addition to the rocking scenes, the Philly comic also has movie credits that include appearances in the comedic blockbusters “Coming 2 America” and “Next Friday”.

Philly stand-up comic Michael Blackson will perform at the House of Laffs in Wilmington on Thanksgiving weekend.

Early in his stand-up career, the Ghanaian-American comedian became known for performing while wearing dashikis. He was also acclaimed for his slogan “modasucka”, a fusion of the words “mother” and “sucker”.

The phrase is so popular that it has become the name of his podcast, which he does with co-host Chinese Best Friend. The show is available on various streaming platforms, including iHeart Radio.

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In the latest episode of “Modasucka,” which went live on Monday, the comedian was joined by guest and singer-songwriter Victoria Kimani, who released her new album, “Spirit Album”.

This led to a silly conversation with Blackson and the Chinese best friend revealing their spirit animals. The Chinese best friend said he was leaning towards the crocodile, while Blackson flirted with the idea of ​​selecting a rabbit.

The Chinese best friend, however, considered Blackson to be a rather cat-like type. But the Philly comedian didn’t have it.

“I’m not a ‘meow, meow’,” Blackson said with a pungent demeanor.

Other big names in the House of Laffs this year include Cocoa Brown (“Ted”, “Breaking Bad”, “BMF”), alongside Alabama from November 12-13.

Star comedian Michael Blackson has landed roles in films including "Coming 2 America" and "Next Friday."

There will also be Guy Torry (“Screwball: The Ted Whitfeld Story”, “Martin”) from November 19-20. Guy is the comedic brother of Joe Torry, who made his Wilmington debut in April.

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The House of Laffs is owned by U’Gundi Jacobs from Wilmington. It opened on Super Bowl weekend. Jacobs drew other comedy greats to his room, such as Tommy Davidson (“In Living Color”) and TK Kirkland.

Envisioning the House of Laffs as more than just a place for comedy, Jacobs hosted an NBA Draft Party for Wilmington’s Nah’Shon “Bizzy Bones” Hyland in July.

The House of Laffs erupted after Bones, who played college at VCU, was drafted 26th in the first round by the Denver Nuggets.

Nah'Shon 'Bones' Hyland, of Wilmington, VCU hosted his NBA Draft Party at the House of Laffs Comedy Show in Wilmington in July.  He was drafted 26th overall by the Denver Nuggets.

“On behalf of our entire team at HOL, we would like to sincerely thank ‘Bones’, his mother and the entire Hyland family for giving us such a special moment,” an ecstatic Jacobs wrote on Facebook, following the project. Party.

“Words cannot express the love and excitement that echoed through our establishment last night. IT WAS CRAAAAZZZYYYY!

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Jacobs told Delaware Online / The News Journal that he decided to take a leap of faith and open his business during the pandemic because he saw a silver lining in this economic storm.

“History has taught us that many millionaires got rich during tough times or recessions. I think we live in a time where if you have the right product or service I think your success can be accelerated if you know how to execute it.

Stay tuned when the venue for the comedy announces when Michael Blackson performs at the House of Laffs (1206 N. Union St., Wilmington). For more information, visit houseoflaffs.com or (302) 485-5233.

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