MultiVersus fan puts Daffy Duck in the game

MultiVersus is packed with unforgettable characters from a plethora of different franchises. One of the missing fan favorites MultiVersus characters is Bugs Bunny’s nemesis (and best friend), Daffy Duck.

Two other characters from the deep and expansive Looney Tunes universe are already in the game. Both Taz and Bugs are important characters in the MultiVersus cast. But the most angry duck of all the countries is nowhere to be found. So the fans decided to fix the mistake and bring Daffy Duck into the game themselves.

A MultiVersus superfan who goes by the name of SonicpoX on Twitter is currently animating Daffy’s moveset in-game. Rijah Kazuo was the one who originally created the model.

SonicpoX (Jordan) has already shared some of the animations he worked on for Daffy. Jordan shared some of the moves he performed, and they include Daffy’s neutral tune, in which he does some of his patented goofy moves. When he does his airs, he naturally pulls out a chainsaw. Finally, on a downward attack, he repeatedly stomps the ground in typical Daffy fashion. He also has some of his over-the-top karate moves from the show.

How does Daffy play in the game?

SonicpoX has also planned some of the Daffy Duck specials that might be suitable MultiVersus. Specials include him pulling out an exploding jetpack, and his own special has him pulling out a sign saying either Duck Season or Rabbit Season. The planned moves show the same level of detail as some of the characters in the game itself.

Jordan took to Twitter for ideas on how Daffy should play. Thepowerplumber shared his version of how the character might play. The ideas are very solid and include an anger mechanic. The angrier Daffy gets, the stronger he gets. This could translate to a great in-game mechanic.

Hoping that Daffy Duck gets to MultiVersusand when it does, it has equally interesting mechanics as those mentioned above.

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Raymond I. Langston