NSPD recognizes dispatcher for quick action, rescuing rabbits from house fire

NORTH SMITHFIELD – The North Smithfield Police Department is publicly acknowledging and thanking a dispatcher for his quick actions during a house fire last week and the rescue of a victim’s pets from the second story of the house.

According to Chief Tim Lafferty, Dispatcher Glen Perron was working on a detail in the area when a fire broke out at 67 Woonsocket Hill Road on Friday August 26th. Perron began to “act immediately”, before emergency personnel arrived.

“After clearing the road closure device and notifying the construction crew that they needed to stop for emergency equipment, he responded on foot to the residence,” a department statement noted on Thursday, September 1.

Perron arrived at the residence and performed an interior check to make sure no one was still inside the house, according to Lafferty. After coming back outside, he heard screaming and answered into the house to do another check.

The dispatcher then realized that the screams were coming from people outside the house and learned that a resident had come running back to save some rabbits.

“Dispatcher Perron followed the resident to encourage him to stay outside, while inside the residence he observed the rabbit cage with rabbits inside on the second floor where the fire was active,” the statement said. “He retrieved the cage for the resident, and they all responded outside to wait for emergency personnel.”

Lafferty thanked Perron for his “critical and heroic actions.”

No residents were injured in the fire, but a rabbit died and the fire left a family of five homeless. A fundraiser for victims can be found here.

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Raymond I. Langston