PHOTOS: How Morgan Knowles’ tackle saved the game for the Saints?

The SAINTS can thank loose striker Morgan Knowles for saving Friday’s game at home to Salford.

They had elbowed in a tight but messy game and all they had to do was see the last minute.

However, Jack Welsby pushed a pass which was caught by Salford half-back Chris Atkin, who ran away like a hare.

All seemed lost – the game, league leadership and a home win record against Salford dating back to 1980 – but the cowardly international striker had other ideas.

Bernard Platt captured the streak of this crucial tackle.

And after running 80 yards, with just 10 more to go blank, Knowles launched with a Superman dive Clark Kent would have been proud of to take down the Red Devil.

The St Helens Star:

It was undoubtedly the winner of the game – although the visitors had one more attack before the whistle.

Coach Kristian Woolf has praised his loose striker’s pursuit – although he was unimpressed with the stint of play that led up to it.

The St Helens Star:

He said: “It was outstanding play by Morgan Knowles to play 80 minutes and produce that kind of play to win the game.

“It was an exceptional chase.

The St Helens Star:

“I wasn’t sure who had the ball, but when he took it he was gone – it was like that because we were all looking the other way.

“It’s hard to turn and chase, but that’s exactly what Morgan did. He had to turn, chase and really stay in that chase – it was an exceptional effort.”

The St Helens Star:

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