Popular costumes this year include squid game, witch, skeletons

You know fall has arrived when people search for terms like “corn mazes” and “pumpkin carving”. But as October draws to a close, it’s the Halloween costumes that are on the minds of many people.

Popular costumes this year

At the start of this week, the top searches nationwide were “witch,” “rabbit” and “dinosaur” for costumes, according to Google data.

Popular research also included new hobbies that became popular during the pandemic, such as playing Among Us – a multiplayer teamwork game with a twist – and watching “Squid Game,” a Netflix series about a competition with a twist. similar twist, the twist in both being murder.

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Earlier this month, “Squid Game” was also a top search for fancy dress for babies and dogs. Britney Spears, Venom, and Gorilla were in the top five for overall trending costumes in the same week.

Whether or not you attended #ghostphotoshoot last year, there’s still time to get yourself a costume that doesn’t involve ruining the sheets in MetroWest.

Where can I get costumes in MetroWest?

There are many Spirit Halloween and Party City options in Framingham and the surrounding communities. For a local option, and to decorate or create a “witchy” atmosphere, consult New England Mischief in downtown Maynard.

At Spirit Halloween in Framingham, in addition to Halloween masks, costumes and items, customers are encouraged to take photos in Halloween-themed backdrops, as deputy store manager Jeannette Pellegrini demonstrated. , from Ashland.

From tarot decks to cauldrons, this shop also offers Harry Potter costumes and accessories like wands and jewelry, though the shop is not affiliated with the Warner Bros. brand.

To show creativity

Stopping at thrift stores like Savers or The Salvation Army is another costume option, for things like hanging up old graduation dresses for a witch costume or a puffy white dress for a Princess Leia outfit – updos no. included.

But some people don’t just wander through thrift stores for themselves, but for some street entertainment.

At Spirit Halloween in Framingham, deputy store manager Jeannette Pellegrini, from Ashland, with the "Henri hustle" clown, whose head rises to reveal a scary face.

Daniel Merriam of Marlborough was inspired by a decorative scene he saw on his travels, so he made his own: dressed and lighted skeletons with props in his front yard. Last year, Merriam concocted some movie-themed scenes. This year, he’s upgrading his game with game show-themed decorations.

“There was really a wave of the community saying how much they loved it, appreciated it and really made them smile, which definitely adds to the motivation to keep doing it,” Merriam said. “Usually every Saturday morning I’ll trade it for the next scene. I have a feeling it gets a little stale after a week or so.

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Until Saturday, Jeopardy will be on display, with skeletal contestants competing in categories such as “movies,” “haunted houses” and “candy.” To end the month, skeletons will compete in “Wheel of Fortune”.

Merriam said he was trying to keep the project affordable, and the most expensive thing recently has been lumber.

“Every two weeks I will kind of be able to recycle the same materials,” he said. “I work for a summer camp and do a lot of theater props and that sort of thing for them, so I’m constantly trying to come up with or come up with ideas on how to create different scenes.”

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