Red Dead Redemption 2 mod updates everyone in the game

Red Dead Redemption 2 updates will probably never come – despite creating one of the most compelling, rich and evocative open worlds ever, Rockstar for some reason seems content to let it drift, like a ball of Valentine tumbleweed. But that doesn’t mean the game is over, as the passionate RDR 2 modding community continues to find new ways to bring the western to life.

Concrete example, vestige, a gigantic new RDR overhaul from modder #12, and their team of dedicated contributors. The result of over a year of work, it’s a complete overhaul of the single-player world of Red Dead Redemption 2, improving the weather, wildlife, and pedestrian behavior systems, with the goal of making the leader- Rockstar’s under-loved masterpiece even more plausible and real.

The mod is split into four mods, essentially serving, according to #12, as “four mods in one”.

First, it tackles the weather, temperature changes, and rain-sun transition systems, so that showers last longer and turn more gradually to cloud, cold, and then back to sunshine. The visual module also focuses on the weather, but on how it looks more than how it behaves. Items such as fog, low clouds, and dust storms are now rendered in greater detail, and their time cycles have been changed, meaning they can last longer or only occur in regions specific.

The flora has also been addressed, so there’s thicker undergrowth in the forests, and the terrain in general is more reactive to Arthur’s presence – jumping in water, for example, generates more bubbles and of foam.

The fourth mod, however, is the most substantial, as it increases the pedestrian limit in cities (like Saint Denis) to 255, and also adjusts their AI so they are more likely to interact and talk to each other, which which makes for a more lived in and realistic open world. Vestigia is also overhauling Red Dead’s creatures and wildlife, placing more birds in the sky and ensuring that animals only appear in places where it would make sense. In the past we have seen rabbits, deer and wolves in the same small field near New Hanover. While that makes them easier to hunt, it’s a bit of a shock if you really want to throw yourself into the world of Red Dead, then Vestigia might be a good fit.

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The mode is free to downloadand it would certainly work well with some of the others we’ve looked at recently, including an overhaul of Red Dead Redemption 2’s law system and some nasty additional death physics.

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Raymond I. Langston