Rightmove: Five famous London buildings to visit during the Open House Festival 2022

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon strolling the streets of London, chances are you’ve come across some incredible architecture on your way. But if we can admire these buildings from the street, that’s often where our experience ends.

Many of London’s most famous and notable buildings are privately owned, so it’s rare that we get to walk through their doors and get a first-hand look at what’s inside. .

But with Open House Festival, an annual two-week celebration of London and its buildings, it becomes possible to see what goes on behind those closed doors. Open House offers a mix of walk-in venues and paid tours that must be booked in advance, often with experts or residents giving tours. All tickets are free and you can book them through the Open House website.

We’ve rounded up five buildings – both private homes, as well as some of the most secure buildings in the world – that are expected to be among the most popular festival tickets on the 2022 schedule.


1. Bank of England, Moorgate, City of London

Returning to the Open House Festival program after a five-year hiatus, the Bank of England has been one of the most popular Open House things to visit in years past (the queue for the venue has in the past paralyzed the City of London). The building extends deep underground and has been referred to as a “ground-scraper”, rather than the skyscrapers you would normally expect to see throughout the city. The building includes the Golden Vaults, which house one of the largest collections of gold bullion in the world.

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2. Lancaster House, Westminster, Central London

A government building located close to Buckingham Palace, Lancaster House is a lavish mansion dating back to 1825. Its Palace of Versailles-style decor will make visitors feel like they’ve fallen into the Bridgerton setting. Visitors will be able to experience guided tours in small groups and learn about the history of the building, as well as its use today.

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3. Crescent House, The Barbican, City of London

Undeniably one of London’s most fascinating areas, the brutalist maze of The Barbican is home to residential buildings, as well as the public performing arts centre. Residential buildings are generally only accessible to those who live there, but Grade II listed Crescent House will open its doors to festival-goers to visit the iconic 1960s apartments.

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4. Fog House, Clerkenwell, North East London

Fog House is a home in Clerkenwell designed by internationally renowned architect, David Adjaye, for TV personality and journalist, Janet Street Porter (Porter is also one of the guest curators of this year’s festival). Named for the “hazy” and softened light that floods the building through towering walls of glass, Fog House is a breathtaking five-story home. Industrial materials, sleek surfaces and block color are the mainstays of this home, which also boasts two balconies – one sheltered and the other sunny – and a bird’s eye view of the peaceful St James Cemetery.

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5. One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, East London

Long before The Shard and The Walkie Talkie dominated London’s cityscape, it was One Canada Square that was thought of when naming the fall of the capital’s skyscrapers. It’s the third-tallest skyscraper in the UK, and visitors can take advantage of this rare opportunity to see inside a normally off-limits London landmark.

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