Sex Toys That Make Perfect Holiday Gifts SZN


I regularly give sex toys to my friends for parties. Sometimes they are for them and a boyfriend. Sometimes they are just for them. The thing is, I’m a weirdo and I love my friends and want them to experience all the good things in the world, orgasms included. And what says orgasm is like unwrapping a present and seeing an adorable vibrator, just for you? Also, talking about sex toys without shame just isn’t mainstream enough for me yet, so with every gift I help fight the weird stigma that surrounds them. It’s a cause I believe in.

Naturally, I decided to try out a ton of sex toys in the name of gift-giving season. These are sex toys that I personally love.

This is by far the fanciest sex toy I have ever seen in my life. It’s a fucking necklace. WHAT. When I first heard about this badass vibe, I was like, give it to me. The funny thing is that it’s not just about sex. This is the message. A woman wearing a vibrator around her fucking neck is the biggest “fuck you” to sex toy shame and stigma I can think of. It’s expensive, but it’s versatile and comes in rose gold.

Many women love oral sex. Why wouldn’t we? Tons of women only enjoy clitoral stimulation, and so the rise of vibrators simulating oral sex has been a game-changer for many of us. I have a few oral sex vibes on this list, but this one stands out because IT’S A PENGUIN. He has a bow. That’s really all you and your best friend need to know.

I need we talk more about lube, and this lube is a great intro. It’s cute, it’s non-threatening, and it comes in a small travel size so you can pop it in your underwear drawer and pull it out to live your best life. Just spray it on your favorite sex toy or your body and get slippery.

We all need a hot pink vibrator. It’s a rite of passage. But what’s special about this one is that it’s kind of like a floppy disk? In the best possible way. It’s flexible, which means there are a ton of ways to have sex with this thing. It’s a classic rabbit vibrator, but with two motors, so you can have one part on, one part off, or you can have both parts and really go for it.

Some of us like lazy orgasms, and if that’s your best friend, it’s her. The shape of this is such that you can really set it and ignore it, and it will do all the work.

Can you say that I like sex toys that are also accessories? Not only is Unbound literally one of my favorite sex toy brands of all time, but these handcuffs are honestly a work of art. I want to give them to everyone I own. Not only are they 1000% Instagrammable, but they are also functional. It’s a win for all, especially your cool, edgy friends who already have all the mainstream sex toys.

Talking about sex with your friends should be fun and empowering, not some weird spiral of shame. Whether you’re just starting to talk about sex or you’ve been talking about sex for a decade, giving away a super cute sex toy is a great way to shake things up. Enjoy the good vibes.

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Raymond I. Langston