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Squid Game on Netflix gives us a lot to digest. The show has lived rent-free in many of our minds since we first started watching it, unaware that this meant we would be committing our whole soul to a show that sucks us into a rabbit hole that we don’t intend to go. go out. The theories on Squid Game are wild, and one particularly interesting theory includes our two favorite characters, the old man and Gi-hun.

Right now, TikTok is home to people sharing memes and theories on Squid Game. One of them pointed out something very interesting, which, when you put all the clues together, seems very, very plausible. He questions the relationship between the old man and Gi-hun, the main character of the series.

Welcome to the deep dive into theory.

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Here’s the big squid game theory: Are Gi-hun and the old man related?

The idea is quite simple: Gi-hun and the old man are actually father and son. There were a few clues throughout Squid Game that gave rise to the theory about Gi-hun and the Old Man. TikTok is everywhere, sharing points from the series that seemed to make this theory look us right in the face.

First, we meet Gi-hun’s mother, but never his father. After the first game, when the players decide to go home, the old man and Gi-hun collide. Later, the two men have meals from the game staff and Gi-hun asks for chocolate milk, as he cannot drink regular milk as he could not digest it properly as a child. Il-nam (the old man) then said: “As a child, I am willing to bet that you have been spanked a lot.” Gi-hun replies, “How did you know that? And the old man said, “My son too. He was like you, my friend.

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They also share the same love for childhood games, and find out in one of the games that they experienced in the same place. Il-nam says, “You know, when I was a kid, I lived in a neighborhood like this. Gi-hun then said he did too, adding, “And you know something? Our alley looked very similar. Plus, if you’ve seen the last episode (no spoilers) you’ll know there is a lot of relevance to the design of the games and what inspired them.

Netflix Squid Game Theory That Gi-hun And The Old Man Are Related And Are In Fact Father And Son

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A TikTok watch theory has had over six million views and over one million likes. People commented saying they thought that too, and that it was the “most realistic” theory they had seen about the show. So yes, there are a lot of people talking.

@ pusaera05I noticed why Gi-hun was the last player. What if? Her son was Gi-hun. ## squidgame ## fyp

She knows – J. Cole

Also, did you notice when the old man asked for the date because his son’s birthday was approaching? He was asking if it was the 24th, and earlier in the series when Gi-hun tried to access his mother’s bank using her birthday as a PIN, he entered “0426” – very close to the moment. where the old man said his son’s birthday was “to come”. ??

From the show, it’s not entirely clear whether either character is aware of their possible connection. Gi-hun certainly doesn’t know, and it seems the old man is struggling with his memory with his old age and brain disease. I’m not going to give away the ending, but it also adds a little plot hole to this one. But, maybe none of them are completely aware of it? Or if they are, the games might have turned out differently if something had happened to Gi-hun?

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