The 13 best cat toys to spoil your pet

Looking for a perfect way to purr to celebrate your furry friend?

National Cat Day is upon us, giving you an excuse to spoil your cat or kitten with a basket of new toys. It’s not that you need an excuse, because watching a kitten kick a stuffed animal and chasing a laser beam gives us as much joy as they do.

However, if that’s the push you need to jump on new toys, so be it. We’ve researched some of the most loved toys for cats of all ages and included them below. If your cat is alone most of the day while you’re at work, take a look at the interactive toys that will keep her busy all day.

For those with claws, a scratch toy may be right for you, saving your furniture and limbs in the meantime. Any cat or kitten loves a great chase game too, so be sure to grab a laser pointer and some string toys to wave and make them jump for joy.

Shaped like a bird or fish, catnip or silver vine, be sure to browse the toys below and fill your online basket in honor of your little lion or lioness at home.

Cat person

Go fishing. This adorable Cat Person toy is just one of three fun catnip toys, the other two being a rooster and a bull. All toys come on a stick and have a bell to entice your kitten for a fun fishing session.

A white laser pointer for cats

If you’ve never seen a cat go crazy over a laser pointer, you really need it. This automatic device is a great option for those who leave home to go to school or work, as the timer will turn the laser on and off and move it around the room to entertain the cat while you are away.

A blue circular cat toy with balls and butterflies

This toy follows when it comes to entertaining your cat. Just put the spinning top on the ground and watch as your cat blows up the balls and tries to catch the moving butterfly. It also comes with a replacement butterfly, in case your cat is a great hunter.

A fishbone cat toy and a bag of catnip
Tuft and leg

Bones aren’t just for dogs, you know. Give your cat this plush fish bone filled with catnip and he will happily chase his tail all day long. It also comes with an extra bag of tweezers to enjoy, which is an added bonus for the kitten.

A range of cat toys in a black and white checkered stocking
Harry and david

Max and Milo and Harry and David all want to celebrate your cat. This adorable gift set from Harry & David’s Max & Milo pet line is filled with burlap cat toys, a plush mouse, a cat wand and delicious treats.

An orange cat looking at a realistic fish toy

This collapsing fish won’t sing your tunes, but it will make your cat purr and chirp when it chases it around the room. The fish collapses on its own which makes for a great chase game while you sit back and watch the action. It is also available in a pack of two, for a house with several cats or just a fierce feline.

A blue cat tunnel

Make you follow the obstacle course of their dreams, in which they can also sleep inside. This cat tunnel is made with a plush liner, perfect for snuggling up for a nap or baking cookies inside before picking up some energy and hitting it again.

A watermelon shaped cat feeding toy

Challenge your cat to the ultimate picnic test with this watermelon shaped puzzle toy. The objective is to move the seeds with their paw to discover treats hidden inside. You can also feed them dry food this way, which makes for an invigorating feeding time and a happy cat.

A kitten playing with a robotic gray mouse

Give them the old cat and mouse game and you know they will be happy. This mouse toy has a motor inside, so you can play hands-free and have fun for hours. Color may vary, but your cat’s zooms will not.

An interactive cat toy with cheese and little mice

Say “cheese! Your cat will be endlessly entertained with this peek-a-boo style cat and mouse game, housed in an adorable block of cheese. The mice come and go at random, which means even the kittens are the ones. smarter ones won’t get bored or discover the pattern, keeping them on their toes… or rather their paws.

A silver laser pointer for a cat
Litter Robot

Okay, this one’s an oldie but a goodie. A traditional laser pointer is one of the easiest ways to keep a cat entertained, and this one comes with three different settings so they won’t get bored. It has the traditional red dot as well as a flashlight and black light.

A little kitten playing with a rotating feather toy

If your cat is the epitome of pure chaos, this Pure Commotion toy is a great option for him. The base is stable enough to stand upright, while the wand and toy rotate, allowing you to control the speed. You can also set a timer, spinning the toy in 15-minute increments over two hours while you go out and do some shopping.

A white kitten playing with an orange tent cat toy

This one is just for cats, sorry dogs. The Hide ‘N Play toy is a cat’s paradise, complete with a tent for hiding and pouncing, a hanging fuzzy ball to hit and a ball in a furrow for back and forth.

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