The best wine glasses to up your entertaining game this fall

Wine glasses… but make them fashionable. Glassware isn’t usually the first home accessory that comes to mind, but lately wine glasses are taking center stage. Gone are the days when our choices were limited to glasses for red versus white and stemmed versus stemless. Now, there are so many options that promise to be the best wine glasses on the market, making browsing overwhelming.

The first thing to consider when buying wine glasses is the type of wine you like to drink. If you’re an equal-opportunity wine drinker, the Universal Wine Glass is a great option. White and natural wines tend to be forgiving and generally thrive in any type of glass. For those who prefer red wines, a little more specificity is needed, because red wine must decant. Something like a glass of Burgundy or Bordeaux can be much more beneficial for these varietals. After choosing the type of glass, the decorative elements that suit your style can come into play.

When it comes to practicality and aesthetic choices, California chef and design enthusiast, Annie Lucia, revels in the glow of wine glasses. “They have a purpose, but they’re also a great opportunity to be really creative and express yourself personally, like you would with an outfit.”

In addition to her culinary skills, she works in food media and recipe development and has honed her entertaining aesthetic, as evidenced by her instagram page. She is the first to recognize that she is not a sommelier, but an oenophile. She admits that this topic is very deep and can be much more specific for diehard wine lovers in terms of which glass to use. She shares her glassware styling tips for everyday wine lovers who want to up their wineglass game for hostess duties or to enhance their home décor.

“If you want something to look a little more upscale, whatever the price, having something a little thinner always looks really classy and timeless.” Just because they have a fancy feel doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank. Many house brands duplicate high-end styles of glassware at a reasonable cost. The Universal Wine Glass is “a great way to settle in with wine glasses without having to invest in something particularly trendy,” she adds.

Lucey points out that the shape and texture of your glassware can add a ton of character to your home. Chic wine glasses are perfect to adorn your bar cart or be part of your table decor. “Maybe you want a wider bowl of the wine glass that looks funky or a longer, more dainty stem,” she suggests to set the mood.

One of the major wine glass trends of the moment happens to be his favourite:⎯ texture. This simple yet impactful element can instantly take a wine glass from simple to elegant. “Personally, I like ribbed or fluted glass.” She points out, “The way light passes through the ribs or facets of the glass can give it an elevated feel.

If you’re looking for a more vintage vibe, Lucey recommends etched wine glasses. According to her, they are making a comeback. With variations in patterns, from florals to line graphics, they “can totally up the glam factor.” She continues, “Anything vintage-inspired is super sleek and refined.” Want real vintage glasses? Cherish, 1sDibs, and eBay are Lucey’s favorite places to find vintage glassware. “You can find these amazing, super rare sets of crystals and it’s a total rabbit hole, but it’s really fun,” she says.

Another option is to think outside the box and use something other than a traditional wine glass for all your booze. “[Champagne] Coupes would be good for happy hour and it’s a nice way to up your wine glass game because it’s unexpected,” she muses.

Mixing and matching wine glasses from different sets is another option for those who prefer an eclectic aesthetic. Although variation creates aesthetics, it is important to have an element that matches all of the glasses that are mixed. “We don’t want it to be total chaos. I think you may have mismatched [glasses], but still have consistent elements,” she explains. Mixed and matched glasses have an added benefit to them. “Logistically, it can also make it easier for people to figure out who owns the wine glass if you don’t have a perfectly matched set.”

Drink outside? No problem! Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or a formal al fresco dinner party, most of these wine glasses come in plastic that’s nearly as sleek as their glass versions.

Whichever style you’re going for, Lucey encourages people to start small rather than buying six different sets of eyewear. From there, you can see what you like and use the most and slowly add to your collection.

Life is too short for boring wine glasses. Shop our selection of favorites below:

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