The childhood toys that could make you cash – including rare Beanie Babies and unique Lego sets

If you have some of your old childhood toys lying around in your attic or tucked away in your closets, it might be time to dig them up and dust them off and see if they could make some money for you. Some of your nostalgic toys might now be sought after by collectors and could be worth thousands of pounds.

Cath Kidston rounded up some of the classic under-the-radar toys that could make you money if you want to part with them, reports Chronicle Live. “We love nostalgia right now, and that’s translating into a huge demand for vintage toys for kids,” a spokesperson for the retail company commented: buying toys and people are looking for classic toys from their own childhood”.

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“If you have boxes of toys gathering dust in your attic, why not take a trip down memory lane and get them out? If you have any of the above, you could earn a lucrative payday if you can. And be sure to put away your own kids’ toys once they grow up – their action figures, game consoles and boys’ backpacks might be worth something someday, too.”

Here is the list of valuables and their potential value, so if you think one of them might be hiding and you can part with them, you might be sitting on a gold mine:

Limited Edition Beanie Babies

If you grew up in the 1990s, you’ll remember the rise of the Beanie Babies. They were the latest craze of the decade and everyone and everyone had a cute plush shape.

It became a collector’s item, with many people eager to get their hands on all the different types of plush pals you could collect, from teddy bears to bunnies and dogs – there was plenty to choose from. But while the rumor that they’ll become valuable in years to come has turned out to be a bit of a myth, there are specific versions of the plushies that could make you money – that’s if you keep them!

One of them being the original Peanut the Elephant – which is one of the most valuable Beanie Babies on the market due to its very limited production. There were only 2,000 Royal Blue Peanuts produced and now an original Peanut could fetch you close to £4,000.

It has not been clarified why so few Elephant soft toys were made, some claim it was a production error and the royal blue color was a mistake while others believe the creator of Beanie Babies, Ty Walker, was unhappy with early sales.

Unique Lego sets

Lego bricks in the hands of a child with Lego Duplo blocks and toys background

Lego was a popular toy for many growing up, but it’s also popular with kids today. The company offers many sets including Disney, Harry Potter or Star Wars selections. According to the manufacturer itself, the number of adults buying Lego sets has quadrupled in less than a decade, showing that it’s still a popular favorite with older household members.

But if you’re looking to get decent money for your sets, you’ll need to own specific ones. If you have the Lego airport shuttle hidden in your house you might want to try and find it as the set would have a unique place in history and could fetch you around £2,000. Not only did it have a limited lifespan, but it was said that Lego had subcontracted the production of the monorail tracks to a company that folded, so the tooling parts were lost forever.

Original Star Wars action figures are known to be worth a lot of money, but did you know the same goes for Star Wars Lego sets? A used Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon bundle is worth around £1,184.99, which is about triple the original value. Meanwhile, the Imperial Star Destroyer could be worth around £1,830 – that’s if you want to part with it as these pieces are invaluable to fans of the franchise.

Barbie Dolls

Many of them may have owned or had a sibling with a Barbie doll or even a collectible and as you would already expect, the very first original Barbie doll from 1959 is worth a lot of money for collectors. But there are also plenty of other versions of the iconic doll made over the years that might be worth a bob or two that you might already have in your collection.

According to Cath Kidston, the three most valuable Barbies you can have all have real jewelry sewn into their outfits. They were also extremely limited or one-of-a-kind – so they weren’t as common to own. However, Barbie Millennium Princess, designed to celebrate the turn of the millennium in the year 2000, is currently priced at around £1,988.

If you have a Calvin Klein Barbie hidden away in your home and it has been kept in good condition it could be worth around £1,124 and if you have vintage Barbies in storage they could be worth even more. For example, Vintage Parisienne Barbie, from the very first catalog of Barbies in 1959, could be worth £2,305.

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