The meaning of the House adopted in favor of Ukraine

JUNEAU, Alaska (KTUU) – The Alaska House of Representatives has passed a House sense sponsored by Representative David Nelson condemning Russia’s recent acts of war and supporting Ukraine.

The Sense of the House called Russia’s February 24 invasion “illegal” and noted the United States’ recent shift to being a net importer of energy over the past two years, rather than a as an exporter as the country was in 2019 and 2020.

In large part, many of the counterattacks against Russia have targeted the Russian economy. According to the Associated Press, dozens of foreign and international companies have withdrawn their activities from Russia, and exports outside the country have also been stopped. Russian banks were removed from the SWIFT international payment system and Russian citizens found it difficult to withdraw cash from ATMs.

“It is the sense of the House that the Alaska House of Representatives recognizes Ukraine’s right to exist as an independent nation and condemns the Federation’s unprovoked, illegal, and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine. of Russia in the strongest terms possible,” the document read said.

The Associated Press reported that more than a million Ukrainian residents fled the country after Russian forces began the invasion six days ago. Reports by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russian forces had taken Kherson were disputed by a senior US defense official. Russia reported that 500 of its soldiers had been killed and nearly 1,600 wounded. Ukraine reported 2,000 civilian deaths to The Associated Press. In addition, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has opened an investigation into possible war crimes committed in Ukraine dating back to 2013, but also covering current events during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Sense went 34-1 with only Rep. David Eastman voting in opposition. Representatives Bryce Edgmon, Josiah Patkotak and Sarah Vance were excused while Representatives Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins and Tiffany Zulkosky were shown as absent from the vote.

The Sense called on President Joe Biden and the US government to resume supplying Ukraine with military aid – including lethal aid – to fight Russian forces, as well as supporting the membership of the Ukraine to the European Union and to “promote global energy independence from the Russian Federation”. , and household energy independence by encouraging household energy production of all types.

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