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If there’s one thing that makes a video game memorable, it’s unforgettable slogan. Sometimes players even apply the morality and principle of a good catchphrase to their daily lives, though some are much harder to use in everyday social situations; it is rather rare for someone to randomly shout: “It’s noon!” Slogans are terms and phrases that are usually associated with a specific individual, thereby encapsulating their personality or acting as a recognizable trait.

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Especially in recent years, slogans have been incorporated into modern society, often in the form of memes – an element of culture passed from one person to another by imitation. There aren’t many slogans, especially in the gaming industry, that won’t be immediately distinguishable upon hearing or reading them.


9/9 “It’s me Mario!”

Nintendo mascot marioThe iconic slogan of “It’s me, Mario!” – native Super Mario 64, the very first Mario game to feature 3D gameplay, where he was voiced by Charles Martinet. Martinet made his official debut as Mario in 1992. Super Mario Bros. freaking out, but he wasn’t credited for the role, and that’s just Super Mario 64 that the world was properly exposed to Mario’s voice.

Martinet also voices Luigi, which makes a lot of sense, but Luigi’s catchphrase – “Let’s go!” – is not as popular.

8/9 “Finish it!”Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion

Whoever is someone played the mortal combat games at least one in their life, and anyone who is someone who has played the mortal combat games will be familiar with finishing moves known as “Fatalities”. During a fatality, the opponent’s health has reached zero, leaving them vulnerable to a round-ending attack performed by the player’s chosen character.

When a doom is triggered, a booming voice cries, “Finish him!” What mortal combat fans may not know is that Steve Ritchie – the best-selling pinball designer in history – provides the voice of the announcerwhose voice has reached millions around the world.

7/9 “The cake is a lie!”Gate

In 2007, incredibly popular Gate, the catchphrase became famous from an in-game encounter where Doug Rattman leaves behind graffiti that reads, “The cake is a lie!” Rattman does this to warn Chell that GLaDOS —the antagonist of the game – deceive them.

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This was meant to be a minor reference and joke put together by Valve, the developers, which implied that the player would never receive the promised reward – his “cake”. It relates a bit to the “have your cake and eat it” idiom. Gate’s well-known phrase became an instant meme that recently saw a resurgence after content creators started making hyper-realistic cakes to fool viewers.

6/9 “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”

Perhaps one of the most overused slogans of all time, 1986 The Legend of Zelda was responsible for the legendary quote, which occurs early in the game. When player-character Link enters a cave, he encounters an unnamed old man who grants him a sword to help in his quest to save Princess Zelda.

Naturally, the moment has become a well-established Internet meme in pop culture and has become synonymous with gaming in the 35 years since the interaction. Finally, the image model of The Legend of Zelda spawned hundreds of memes that replaced Link’s sword with variations of kittens, owls, bunnies and more.

5/9 “Do a barrel roll!”Rollover Star Fox 64

The infamous “roll over!” quote came straight from the hare’s mouth. In the tutorial part of 1997 Star fox 64, Peppy Hare, the only retired member of the current generation Fox team, asks Fox McCloud to do a barrel roll. What seems like such an innocent moment has become a universal response to a situation in which there is no solution.

Hare insists that Fox perform the somersault to avoid lasers and other such projectiles. The urgency of the demand is what inspired the internet meme; other definitions describe the quote as a phrase “some players say when they’re at a loss for words or don’t know what else to say”.

4/9 “Endure and Survive.”The Last of Us Joel and Ellie

Not as old-school as some, but The last of us has a short, sweet and simple tagline – spoken by Ellie herself. The critically acclaimed action-adventure comes from Naughty Dog, developers of the Unexplored series, and takes a rather unconventional approach by allowing players to control 14-year-old Ellie in the fight against the Infected.

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In one particular scene, after Joel kills the hunters in the bookstore, Ellie says “To the edge of the universe and back, endure and survive”, then clarifies by saying the quote is from a comic book she is reading titled Savage Starlight. During this tender moment of The last of usEllie claims it’s “what the hero says after a great battle”, but it also acts as her mantra throughout the game.

3/9 “Waka-Waka-Waka!”Pacman Chart

Originally called Puck Man (which doesn’t sound so great), the Japanese arcade game Pac man released in 1980 and remains one of best-selling and highest-grossing video games never done. “Waka-waka-waka!” (not the Shakira version) is the sound produced by Pac man as he eats dumplings and ghosts in a labyrinthine maze.

It’s not necessarily a catchphrase per se as pure gibberish, but it’s still one of the most instantly identifiable sounds in all of modern culture – not just gaming. In fact, society has accepted that Pac-Man’s native language is called “Wakanese”.

2/9 “Press ‘F’ to pay tribute.”Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Press F to Pay Tribute

Although it has become an Internet phenomenon, few users know where the slogan “Press ‘F’ to pay tribute” comes from. In 2014 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, there is a segment where Private Jack Mitchell attends the funeral of his best friend and comrade-in-arms, Will Irons, who died fighting in South Korea. Then the player is gave a prompt to “Press ‘F‘ (or on console, press ‘X’) to honor the fallen soldier.

This Call of Duty moment was slammed by critics for being out of place, clunky and, most importantly, unnecessary interaction for the funeral service. The meme evolved into “Press ‘F’ in chat”, but both versions convey solidarity or sympathy – sarcastic or not – to someone in a difficult situation.

1/9 “Objection!”

Objection of lawyer Ace!

You don’t have to have a law degree to understand the term “objection!” In court, whenever a lawyer, whether defense or prosecution, disagrees or “objects” to a statement, they stand up and shout, ” Objection! In the ace lawyer video game series, the “Objection!” the speech bubble was used frequently, usually accompanied by the pointing finger gesture.

Fans of the series and meme creators began attaching Phoenix Wright’s image to various threads or online arguments where they perceived an invalid or distasteful statement had been made. In the months and years that followed, ace lawyer skyrocketed in popularity just based on the image of Phoenix pointing and the common “Objection!” phrasing.

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