These are the best sex toys on Amazon, recommended by experts

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    If you’ve read our guide to the best sex toys for women, you’ll know there are hundreds of options to choose from. Do you opt for a vibrator? Clitoris suction toy? Dildo? Amazon sex toys are a good place to start.

    Why? The online retailer is known for its wide selection of electronics, homewares, fashion and more, but it also sells some of the best sex toys on the market at a more affordable price.

    We turned to two certified pros and asked them to share their favorite Amazon sex toys, including the ones that gave them the best O’s. We spoke to Scotty Unfamous (@scottyunfamous) an award-winning romance novelist and influencer from sex, and Jordan Dixon (@pleasureandpainpsychotherapy), a clinical psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist.

    Keep scrolling to see their top picks and get ready to add to your cart ASAP. For more inspiration, be sure to check out our roundup of the best sex toys for couples and the best durable sex toys. Enjoy…

    The best sex toys on Amazon to buy now:

    1. LELO SONA sonic massager, was £58.59 now £39.61 | Amazon

    “This toy is designed for external stimulation (mainly the clitoris), but what I like about these kinds of toys is that they can be playfully used on any erogenous zone of the body, which that opens unlimited portals of pleasure.What I particularly like about this toy is that it is waterproof for bath and shower, it is not too bulky and its ergonomic design and sleek means it adapts very well to body parts.If you use it as a partner, play its glides well on the body and between the legs too.

    “It has a nice diversity of pleasure wave settings so you can explore the feel and vibration intensity that suits you. I find some toys can be very intense on their low settings, but this provides a full spectrum with the slightly pleasant low settings, so there’s a nice variety to navigate while traveling on your own pleasure trip. Jordan Dixon

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    2. Satisfyer Little Secret Panty Vibrator, £32.81 | Amazon

    “Le Petit Secret is a big mood! This discreet clitoral vibe magnetically clips into your underwear for solo or couple play via the Satisfyer remote or app that lets you or your partner control it from anywhere in the world with infinitely customizable settings. It’s one of the quietest toys I’ve tried, and it’s accessible and powerful without being overwhelming. Scotty Infamous

    best sex toys on amazon

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    3. Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2, £49.99 | Amazon

    “What I love about this toy is that it combines my two favorite types of toys. We have the air suction technology that can be used on the clitoris as well as the external stimulator that vibrates. The inner part has ten different pulses and vibrations and you can suck and pulse simultaneously.It’s super soft and nice on the body…I took a hard nap after reviewing this. Jordan Dixon

    “This dual-stimulation toy is a viral cult favorite and for good reason. The Tracy’s Dog OG Pro 2 is the upgraded version of their original viral design; the powerful clitoral suction toy with an internal G-spot stimulator now comes with a remote control for a hands-free blended orgasm that will have you grabbing your sheets.It’s a staple piece for your collection, suitable for beginners and great for people of all skill levels, that you’ll find again and again. Scotty Infamous

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    4. Lovehoney Mantric Pink Pebble Vibrator, £49.99 | Amazon

    “This Lovehoney vibrator is interesting and different from other toys. It’s designed for external stimulation, it’s waterproof, and its unique shape makes it a fairly discreet sex toy for those worried about being found. What I like Particularly about this toy is that it’s not really made for any specific type of stimulation, which invites some real creativity when it comes to pleasure It’s a great grind toy and can be a fun addition to personal or partnership pleasure resources. Jordan Dixon

    best sex toys on amazon

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    5. LELO SORAYA Wave Massager, £148.38 | Amazon

    “This toy gave me multiple orgasms. LELO usually makes amazing toys, so if you have the budget to splurge on quality erotic gear, the SORAYA Wave is worth every penny.

    “This deluxe bunny vibe has the most unique clitoral stimulator settings I’ve ever experienced (it does a fantastic sporadic swirl), paired with a sensual ‘come hither’ G-spot stimulator that caresses you to a powerful blended orgasm. Plus it looks great. This toy is in my top 10 vibes of all time. I HIGHLY recommend this for intermediate to advanced toy users.” Scotty Infamous

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    6. Lovehoney finger vibrator, £29.99 | Amazon

    “It’s super cute. It’s made for internal stimulation but you can use it to stimulate wherever you want, there are no rules. I like this toy because it tries to target the internal points of the channel vaginal to stimulate certain points The curved shape of the toy means it can latch on automatically and allows you to create traction in the vaginal canal to stimulate points where you would otherwise use your fingers.

    “It’s also not a soft toy, there’s a bit of resistance and it stays in place when you start applying pressure which intensifies the sensation. It is also waterproof and ideal for water games. Jordan Dixon

    best sex toys on amazon

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    So here is. These are the best sex toys on Amazon, which one are you going to try?

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