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A man was widowed 6 years ago when his wife sadly died due to a drummer suffering from cancer. Several years later, he started talking to one of his former girlfriends and he started seeing her again.

It was a long-distance relationship at first, but they got married in January and decided to move in together last month.

Moving in, however, was far from easy; his new wife has a son from a previous relationship and he has a daughter.

“My daughter has a pet rabbit, she’s had it for almost 5 years now,” he explained. “His name is Basil.”

“Basil lives in my daughter’s bedroom and currently has plenty of space: we’ve turned his dressing room into a bunny pillow, he’s litter trained and she often lets him run around the house under supervision.”

“Honestly, he looks more like a cat than you think a pet rabbit. She has a little ramp so he can get in and out of bed and he’ll follow her around the house and stuff.

Well, after her stepson moved in, they all found out that this kid was hyper allergic to his daughter’s pet rabbit.

He and his wife tried giving his stepson some allergy medicine, which didn’t work, and then they tried to keep Basil out of the parts of the house they all share.

He then had a professional cleaning service come in, but still, his stepson had a bad reaction.

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