Which MultiVersus characters were used by top players in the game’s first major official tournament for Evo 2022?

MultiVersus had an absolutely massive launch that set player records for a PC fighting game, but there was still a big question mark about what the actual competitive scene would look like.

Evo 2022 provided the chance to see just that last weekend as MultiVersus’ first official tournament where over 200 players showed up to compete for their share of $100,000.

Now that the madness of the whole event is over, we decided to take a closer look at the characters the top contenders were using in Warner Bros. platform fighter.

Taking a look at the top 16 2-teams in Evo, it quickly becomes clear which of the players was focusing the most.

Half of the finalist teams included Velma, who many consider to be the best 2v2 support character at this early stage, as well as 6 teams using Bugs Bunny, also unsurprising considering he usually tops the list. general tier lists.

None of these characters would claim the ultimate victory, however, as Super Smash Bros. pros.

In total, 13 of the 15 MultiVersus characters available were chosen at least once, the only ones not to have participated in the tournament were Reindog and Garnet.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how MVS develops with its unique 2v2 tactics that we hardly ever see in the genre, and the Evo winners have certainly shown just how effective strong teamwork can be.

You can check out the full breakdown of MultiVersus character usage at Evo below.

• Velma – 8

• Bugs – 6

• Batman – 3

• Superman – 3

• Finnish – 3

• Hairy – 2

• Wonder Woman – 1

• Tom and Jerry – 1

• Taz – 1

• Arya – 1

• Harley-1

• James – 1

• Steve – 1

• Reindog – 0

• Garnet – 0

Note: Iron Giant and Lebron have been banned from tournament play at this event.

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Raymond I. Langston