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Microsoft Game Pass has certainly come a long way since its inception in 2017. Today, we’re taking a trip down the rabbit hole to see where the green brick road takes us. But first, is Game Pass really worth it?

In short, yes, especially for someone like me who does not get stuck on a game, cough… Fortnite…. Cough…

Microsoft’s offer is a subscription service that you pay monthly or annually, the latter option luring you in from time to time with special offers such as a block discount, or even an extra month or two free, and allows subscribers access to a library of approximately 300 games on a free rotation basis, with “new games being added all the time, including day one releases,” according to Microsoft.

There are several Xbox subscription options, such as Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Live Gold, Cloud, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that you can choose from. At the moment, only the Ultimate package offers the full package and it even includes an EA Play subscription, meaning FIFA 22 will be playable without needing to buy the game outright.

The Game Pass service not only provides a free selection of games from various studios, but it also offers discounts on games you might want to own or try before the rest of the n00bs do. A good example of this is Minecraft Preview, for anyone who already owns Minecraft, you can experience unreleased Minecraft features coming soon, for free, nada, niks, unothi.

In the end, it was worth it, and I have to admit, it made me buy Assetto Corsa Competizione and all the DLC on Xbox Series X, even though I already own the game on PC. Yeah, yeah, calm down, I did it not tell my wife, because, well… discount people. Delivery.

I love that this service puts a really big spotlight on amazing content that would otherwise be on a dusty shelf.

This regular segment will focus on Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate and any free games on offer that pique my interest. I’m lucky enough to own a simulator, so I browsed through the racing games on offer and came across DiRT Rally. The game, developed by Codemasters and originally released in 2016, is an authentic rally experience.

DiRT Rally starts with an in-game credit, just enough to buy one of three cars, a Mini, a Lancer or a Peugeot and kickstarts your journey with some practice time, then rushes headlong into a racing career. dirty and fun shopping. Naturally, I did what the smartest, know-it-all men do…I skipped right past the nonsensical training and tutorial, because I KNOW VERY WELL WHERE I’M GOING, OK…?

I don’t have a shifter, instead I use a paddle shifter, so a sequential gearbox feel is what I get, instead of the manual gearbox of the stock cars from that time. Besides that, I don’t own a handbrake stick, so I won’t pretend to be Ken Block in my Hooni-pigeon, I just set my clutch as a handbrake, because duh, who needs one clutch ?

It looks stunning and if I was rescued from an island today and found out that this game launched yesterday I would totally believe you it’s so fresh it doesn’t smell funny from the everything – micro drops. It was free.

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Raymond I. Langston