Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits available in July 2022

In addition to offering access to a library of console, PC and cloud games, Pass Ultimate also offers many additional benefits to subscribers. These include discounts and free items within the service, as well as through third-party apps like Discord.

Best of all, these perks come at no additional cost. However, not all perks last forever, and new things are added fairly regularly, so your time to claim them is limited. Check in on your Xbox console, Xbox mobile app, or even the Xbox PC app to see what’s on offer. Once you’ve claimed it, be sure to check the relevant game or service to see if your items are there.

Here are all the benefits available to claim from July 1, 2022

Assassin’s Creed Origins – Deluxe Pack

  • This pack includes the Ambush at Sea mission, the Desert Cobra Pack (with 1 outfit, 2 legendary weapons, 1 legendary shield and a mount) and 3 ability points.

Discord Nitro – 3 months

  • This bonus is valid for new Nitro users and grants 3 free months of Discord Nitro features like custom emoji uses, profile banner, avatars per server, 2 one-mouth server boosters and HD video.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Cliff Ram Pack

  • This perk adds a goat mount, face tattoos, and two crates to your in-game collection.

Eternal Return (PC) – Premium Skins and Boosts Pack

  • This pack allows Eternal Return players to get A-Coin and XP Boosts as well as 3 skins: Midnight Shinobi Yuki, Champion Jan and Magnolia Orcle Hyejin.

Fall Guys – Rabbit Robo

  • Grants access to the Robo Rabbit skin for Fall Guys.

Fifa 22 – Supercharge Pack

  • For Ultimate Team, this pack includes 10 players rated 80 or higher or your choice of one of four players on loan from the Team of the Season.

Halo Infinite – Tense Razorback Pass Bundle

  • This bundle includes a bright green “Pass Tense” Razorback vehicle wrap, four 2XP boosts, and four challenge swaps.

Hulu (No Ads) – 2 Month Free Trial

  • Exactly what it says: two months free of Hulu’s No Ads tier, if you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Idle Champions – Year 3 All-Star Pack

  • Includes Mastermind Krull Skin and Gold Chest and unlocked Champions for Avren, Havilar, Krul, Melf, and Nova.

Madden NFL 22 – Face of the Franchise Pack

  • Grants Face of the Franchise and The Yard: General Player Class from level 10 and a Tom Brady Gear Capsule.

Marvel’s Avengers – Ms. Marvel’s Future Suit Pack

  • Includes the titular Future Suit for Ms. Marvel, plus a 3-Day Hero Catalyst and 3-Day Fragment Extractor.

MLB The Show 22 – Launch Pack

  • Includes 10 free packs for the game’s Diamond Dynasty mode.

Naraka: Bladepoint – Awakening Pack

  • Adds the Viper Ning Awakening outfit and Xbox-themed headwear to your game.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis – Monthly Bonus for June Members

  • 5 N-Half Scape Dolls and 50 Photon Pieces to help in battles and strengthen items respectively in the online RPG.

Smite – Slipknot Starter Pack

  • Includes Poseidon, Chaac, Raijin, their voice packs and more content. Smite is included with this pack.

Super Animal Royale – Season 4

  • Includes green and black Thomas gun, green and black sniper, green and black onesie, and green and black nightcap cosmetics.

Worlds of Warships: Legends – Mythic Power Pack

  • Grants two ships for World of Warships: the Tier V British cruiser Leader, the Tier III Premium French battleship Turenne, and other in-game bonuses.

Yu Yu Hakusho

  • Get Season 1 for Microsoft Movies and TV at no additional cost.

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